December 5

Who Dat, Who do Dat?

My assignment: to write a brief summary for each of the five chapters in our “Human Systems and Homeostasis” unit. This is around the time when I discovered that there is something deeply, pathologically wrong with me.

Generic class assignments like this prove to be ideal litmus tests for a person’s social ability; admittedly, in past grades I chose to ignore their sobering results. And though I have not consciously worked against an urge to be completely odd and bizarre in high school, I believe that the socially unaware part of me and the part of me that has some sense of decency came to a mutual understanding that normalcy is probably the best policy.

Or, maybe, struck by the bright lights of big people school, I was just too stunned to revert quickly to my wacky ways. And this is how I have come to pass as “normal”.

Neither inhibition kept me in check today, however, while I submitted an audio file to my Biology teacher entitled “I Clearly Have no Concept of this Assignment”, under the description “There are no words to explain why I felt this to be an idea worth pursuing”.

I have included the file below.


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    1. By Avery (Post author) on

      Thank-you! Yes, it’s me; I wouldn’t possibly be able to live with myself if I let a line like “first thing’s first I’m a villus” pass me by!
      My bio teacher is going to be so confused! Haha
      By the way, I loved your post that included the start of a story- it was really good! I would definitely read on! :)


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