July 13

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  1. By ribenatina @ ribenamusings on

    I am enjoying what I am reading so far Avery. I like the way you write what you are thinking.

    I moved to a catholic school, because of their successful exam results, when I moved to sixth form – hated every minute of it and lasted a month. I felt that the religious overtook some of the learning and I found that difficult to cope with. Still do….but then I am not as religious as you.

    I’m glad you have settled into a new school and I agree, the restaurant does sound more cut throat than your previous one.

    ribenatina @ ribenamusings recently posted…Out of SortsMy Profile

    1. By Avery (Post author) on

      Thank-you so much for the feedback!

      The successful exam results were the main draw for me as well; I am not actually Catholic, but, rather, belong to another denomination of Protestantism. I agree that some of the religious opinions in these schools can be particularly… abrasive.

      I am so glad that you enjoyed it! It means a lot coming from someone who is so experienced in the blogging department. In these next few months, I will certainly have a lot more to say!


  2. By CherylM. on


    I came over from All fooked up/ribenamusings. Anyway, so far, I like your style of writing.

    Can I make a suggestion?

    Change your blog so that the current/new posting comes up on top of the page instead of needing to scroll down to the bottom to see if anything has been added. A lot of people will think you haven’t posted anything new and won’t bother to scroll down.

    Keep on writing!

    1. By Avery (Post author) on

      Hi Cheryl!

      Thanks so much for the feedback! I will definitely try to implement that idea (or an acceptable equivalent, from the WordPress impaired.)

      I am so glad that you enjoy my style of writing; make sure to keep reading and commenting! :)

  3. By Sue on

    Hi Avery,
    I checked out your blog because you commented on mine. You have a gift for phrasing that I wasn’t expecting based on the title of your blog. I anticipated giggly expositions on fashion and, gasp, boys. Instead I found thought-provoking, insightful posts that made me want to read more.

    Good luck with the blog. And with high school.

    New follower,
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    1. By Avery (Post author) on

      Thanks, Sue! For now, the blog’s name will likely be a handicap, but it is easy to remember and should hopefully serve me well in the long term!
      I appreciate your feedback; it is so encouraging to receive positive comments from other bloggers! I am definitely going to continue reading your blog as well!

  4. By Anonymous on

    I don’t know who you are, but someone posted a link to this website on “Communet”, if you know what that is. For the sake of your privacy I will not divulge what exactly was said, but if you want you can email me or something. There isn’t anything either of us can do about it but I figured you may want to know.

    1. By Avery (Post author) on

      Thank-you for your concern! But it’s alright; it’s nothing I haven’t heard before, I’m sure!


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